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A central dust collector is designed to create a negative pressure at a dust source point and pull the fugitive material into the collector. Dust is filtered out of the air stream and dropped into the hopper off the unit so it can be placed back into the manufacturing processor disposed of properly. 

The main components of a central dust collector:

  • Dirty-air chamber
  • Hopper (to contain collected material)
  • Hopper discharge valve
  • Filtration media
  • Negative pressure fan/motor assembly
  • Filtration cleaning mechanism
  • Clean-air chamber
  • CleanFan exhaust

C&W's central dust collectors are designed to ensure contaminated air flows efficiently into and through the collector, and clean air is processed out of the unit. iwi Concrete Equipment Group can specify the most effective dust collector for your operation based on your needs Whether it's a Cartridge Plus, Bag Pulse or Reverse Air Central Dust Collector.

Cartridge Pulse (CP) Central collectors are designed to collect dust from multiple points, such ad loads, mixers, weigh batchers and silos. The CP series offers high-efficiency and top entry with the latest technology in cartridges and eliminates confined space issues.

As dust enters the collector and passes through the cartridges, clean air is shot out of the collector exhaust and put back into the environment.

The CP Central Dust Collector Process dust at an increase cubic feet per minute (CFM) rate. Coupled with an advanced cleaning system, CP central collectors offer the most efficient cleaning of filter media on the market today.

Features and benefits of C&W's CP Central Dust Collectors include:

  • Easy to Maintain: Toolless exchange of filter media and top entry for clean side filter exchange.
  • Efficiency: Spunbound polyester with 99.99% filtration efficiency.
  • Performance: Magnehelic gauge and laser aligned cleaning system.
  • Reliable, Easy to Operate: Electrical control panel and solid state adjustable timers with LED display.
  • Safety, OSHA-Compliant: Safety gates, ladders, platforms and handrails.

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