Chillers - Cold Water for hot Weather Concrete Production

Chillers - Cold Water for hot Weather Concrete Production


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Air-Cooled Water Chiller System
Sioux air-cooled water chiller systems are available as stationary or portable units with capacities for any size operation. Compared to utilizing ice or other methods to cool concrete, Sioux chillers reduce chilling costs as much as 95%, putting money back in your pocket!
Precise Control, Greater Consistency
Sioux Chillers allow for precise control of the water temperature, ensuring consistent concrete temperature and quality. Sioux can provide the right chiller for your concrete production needs

  • State of the art technology for maximum efficiency and reduced downtime. Diagnostic controls make it easy and fast to identify and resolve problems locally or remotely.
  • Fins are protected from mildly corrosive environments, exactly the design needed for concrete production facilities. This type of coil protection ensures efficient operation in adverse environments.
  • Carrier-trained, a certified technician will do start up on each chiller to ensure it is installed and operating correctly at the job site. This reduces costly service calls and delays in operations and production. Provides baseline performance data for future troubleshooting and diagnostics.
  • Easy to unload and install. No time-consuming field installation required for standard packaged systems, saving time and money.
  • Robust design is quieter and more durable than others in the marketplace
  • No additional cost for oil and refrigerant in the field. No need to do field charging of refrigerant system. Reduces installation time and saves money.
  • Able to find the exact size chiller for your application, no matter what the requirement.