Cgard - Silo Content Monitoring an iwi Concrete Equipment Exclusive Product

Cgard - Silo Content Monitoring an iwi Concrete Equipment Exclusive Product

iwi Concrete Equipment Group

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Sensor Benefits:

• Bluetooth connectivity for easy setup with SITRANS mobile IQ
• Chemically resistant PVDF enclosure
• HART 7.0 or Modbus RTU (in preparation) communication for
  intelligent integration into your application
• W band FMCW radar yields narrow beam with small antenna
  for superior performance in applications with obstructions
• Approved for open air applications outside of a tank
• 2 mm accuracy and zero near range distance yields optimum
  inventory management capability
• Submergence shield accessory prevents build up on sensor
  during flooding conditions
• Hazardous area variants available for safe use in explosive
  gas or dust environments

Benefits of Our Silo Content Monitoring System

  • Stand alone system—web connected, live at the plant level—does not require a host server
  •  120v outputs to activate plant level alarms
  •  No monitoring fee
  •  No band width fees
  •  Non intrusive/non contact
  • Easy set-up
  • Shipped pre-configured

Unprecedented accuracy in silo measurement

Unaffected by dust & wind

Reads continuously during the filling or  discharging operations

No moving parts

Excellent signal reliability

Secure web connection (connects directly through customer’s network or through an independent cellular network)

Email  or text alerts available

8 Silo levels can be monitored per Web Server

Simple Installation (system is pre-calibrated for customer location)