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Great Sale - H K Porter - Check It Out
Great Sale - H K Porter - Check It Out

Aquafog Turbo Fan -Jay XE2000 - Click to View All Models

by Aquafog

Turbo XEs produce billions of tiny, fog-like particles combined with powerful air-flow. The Turbo XE misting system utilizes centrifugal force atomization to achieve reliable operation without the requirement of nozzles, high pressure pumps, compressed air or filtration. This method usually results in increased equipment reliability, as well as significant energy  savings over other processes under equal conditions.

These fog fans may be operated manually or automated; running air only or fogging fluid. The fogging output is adjustable and controlled by a flowmeter's needle valve.    Flowmeters require a water supply of 10 to 100 PSI; however, for special applications, flowmeters can be bypassed and fans gravity-fed.

Jaybird - XE-2000 Aquafog Turbo XE 1HP (115/230V, 60Hz, 1Ph) INCLUDES Flowmeter Panel FP-34

TurboXE Fan Features

  • Standard-equipped with a Baldor wash-down-duty motor for strength and reliability in wet, harsh environments.
  • Uses ordinary water and power supply to produce high quality, high volume fog.
  • Fans can be stationary or equipped with oscillation.
  • Excellent for safe, effective chemical fogging. Used for liquid pesticide and fungicide application, insecticide use and foliar feedings.
  • Capable of continuous duty operation.

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