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Semi-automatic welding machines designed for the manufacture of cylindrical cages for reinforced concrete pipes. The machines in the SMS series are designed to produce resistance spot welded reinforcement cages with or without bell and/or spigot joint in different lengths for a wide range of pipe diameters. An elliptical and square cage production capability is available as an optional extra.

The rigid machine structure ensures extremely straight twist-free reinforcement cages, essential for the trouble-free production of good quality concrete pipes.

The pre-cut longitudinal wires are fed into the machine manually. All necessary parameters such as cage length, winding wire pitch, welding intensity, bell angle, rotational speed, etc. are infinitely adjustable for each type of reinforcement cage and can be stored in menus.

A sole operator is required to run the SMS pipe cage welding machine.

Key machine features:

  • machine designed to fit in container
  • minimal space requirement with no foundation 
  • automatic cage diameter changeover 
  • worldwide 24/7 troubleshooting service

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