ABL Vibrator Ball


Name: ABL-10A
Sale price$116.00


ABL Ball Vibrator

This industrial Ball Vibrator delivers moderate force for small industrial hoppers, chutes, match plates, light sifting or industrial feeders and lab testing. Patented by Martin Engineering, Vibrolator vibrators are the original ball vibrators and still provide a reliable and efficient solution to flow problems.

Features and Benefits:

  • Continuous duty
  • Highest ratio of force to physical weight in the industry
  • Tapped exhaust
  • Muffler is standard
  • O-ring sealed
  • Interchangeable with other manufacturers
  • Three mounting and port configurations available
  • Provide continuous vibration over a long life with minimal service attention
  • One moving part - a chrome steel ball rolls in hardened tool steel races - eliminates vibrator service requirements.


  • Selection includes vibrator designs for extreme temperatures and submerged or sanitary conditions


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