RTi - Advanced Air System Technology

Why RTi?

With 30 Years of experience,  their products increase the efficiency and quality of the compressed air in hundreds of applications.

Patented Inverse-Flow® Filter/Dryers

  • Cartridge-less water separation
  • Superior Water Separation
  • Depth filtration (air penetrates 4” of filter media versus 1/8” of competitors)
  • Harsh application Service (worst Contaminants in Air stream never Reach filter media) 

Finer Filtration

  • 1 micron absolute vs 5-25 micron nominal
  • Coalescers (99.99998% at 0.01 Micron)
  • Desiccants (Built in 1 Micron final filter: top grade desiccant media with low dust     Emissions)

Tool-less Element Change

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