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Great Sale - H K Porter - Check It Out
Great Sale - H K Porter - Check It Out

Badger - ModMAG - M Series M7600 - Click to View Models


The Badger Meter® M7600 flow meter combines the most advanced electromagnetic flow metering technology with a simple, yet robust, output for batching systems found in  industrial applications.

Based on Faraday’s Law of electromagnetic induction, M7600 meters can accurately measure and control most batching needs in the industrial market. Its completely open cross-section flow tube design with no moving parts, makes it the ideal metering device for batching of a wide range of industrial conductive fluids.
While other metering technologies are hindered by the presence of suspended solids in the process fluid, the M7600 will continue to measure flow, provided the conductivity remains higher than  
5 microhms/cm. Having a non-obstructive flow-through pipe design allows particulates to pass through the meter body. The signal voltage, measured by the electrodes, passes through the entire cross sectional profile for improved accuracy.
The M7600 meter features an intuitive PC interface used for selecting the scale factor, unit of measure and pules per unit, making these meters the most straight-forward metering systems available in the Industry.


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