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Title: Aquafog XE-FP-24-2-24 GPH Flowmeter Panel
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Flowmeter Control Panel

Turbo XE direct feed units come with a flowmeter panel of your choice. These panels control the water flow rate and fogging output. They feature stainless steel construction and clear polycarbonate flow rate scale for monitoring. Flowmeters require a water supply of 10 to 100 PSI.

The smaller flow rate panels are generally used in applications requiring drier fog. 

Flowmeter Sizes with Related Applicatio 

Flowmeter Sizes

 4-34 GPH 1-15 GPH .3-5 GPH .1-2 GPH
2-24 GPH 1-11 GPH (20-300 cc/min) (10-110 cc/min)

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